Songsteksten in Word A t/m L

A night like this 02-05-2019

Abba  Dancing Queen  medley  10-01-2012

Abba  Money, money, money

Abba  Super Trouper

Abba  Thank you for the music

Aïda  Every story..love story/Fortune favours 9-02-2013
Aïda  The Gods love Nubia 21-05-2013
Aïda  Written in the stars
Ain't she sweet
Annie's song
And all that Jazz 19-04-2006
Another op'nin', another show  26-06-2016
Aux Champs Elysees
The Beatles in revue
Beauty and the Beast  15-06-2015
Bohemian Rhapsody  01-05-2006
California dreaming
Century of song

Chess  Anthem

Chess - Difficult And Dangerous Times

Chess - Embassy Lament

Chess - Hymn to chess

Chess - I Know Him so Well

Chess - Merano

Chess - Quartet (A model of decorum and tranquillity)

Chess - The American and Florence / nobody's side

Chess - The Arbiter

Chess - Where I Want To Be
Conquest of paradise
Don't stop  14-05-2009

Don't cry for me Argentina 02-05-2019
Die Forelle
For once in my life 08-05-2017

From this moment on  30-30-2006
Hair  Hair / Goodmorning sunshine  01-09-2011
Hair  Aquarius / Let the sun shine in  07-07-2010
Hard to say I'm sorry  9-02-2013
Haven't met you yet  9-02-2013
Ik leef niet meer voor jou 01-09-2011
It don't mean a thing
It takes two 08-05-2017

James Bond Diamonds are forever 01-26-2018
Jekyll & Hyde  1 Facade  02-07-2014
Jekyll & Hyde  2 This is the moment  02-07-2014
Jekyll & Hyde  3 Alive  02-07-2014
Jekyll & Hyde  4 Someone like you  02-07-2014
Jekyll & Hyde  5 Murder murder  02-07-2014
Jekyll & Hyde  6 Once upon a dream  02-07-2014
Jekyll & Hyde  7 A new life  02-07- 2014
Jekyll & Hyde  8 Murder murder (reprise)  02-07-2014
Jekyll & Hyde  9 Confrontation solo  02-07-2014
Jekyll & Hyde  10 Facade (reprise)  02-07-2014

Jesus Christ Superstar  medley  16-04-2006
Joseph  Any dream will do
Joseph  Benjamin Calypso  12- 04-2016
Joseph  Close every door  15-01-2016

Joseph  Go, go, go Joseph 03-11-2016
Joseph  Joseph's dreams  14-03-2016

Joseph  Jacob and sons   03-01-2017
Joseph  One more angel in heaven  14-01-2016

Joseph  Song of the king  10-01-2017

Just when I needed you most 25-01-2020
Der Lindenbaum

Les Misérables  At the end of the day  08-02-2011

Les Misérables  Bring him home

Les Misérables  Do you hear the people sing

Les Misérables  Empty chairs and empty tables  09-12-2016

Les Misérables  I dreamed a dream

Les Misérables  Master of the house  12-03-2016

Les Misérables  One day more

Les Misérables  On my own 02-05-2016

Les Misérables  Suddenly  14-01-2016

Les Misérables  Finale Do you hear 00-05-2017

Lion King  medley  10-12-2007Lion King  Can you feel the love tonight
Lion  sleeps tonight 12-03-2020
Love changes everything

Songteksten in Word M t/m Z

Mary Poppins  medley 1  23-08-2009
Mary Poppins  medley 2  06-12-2009

Mary Poppins  Feed the birds  05-11-2009

Memory  05-09-2008

Miss Saigon 1  05-01-2009
Miss Saigon 2  05-01-2009
Miss Saigon - Bui Doi 19-03-2020

Miss Saigon - If you want to die in bed 19-03-2020

Miss Saigon  Last night of the world  23-01-2009
Miss Saigon - Sun and moon  05-01-2009

Miss Saigon - The American dream 28-02-2020

Miss Saigon - The heat is on in Saigon 15-04-2020

Moon river  14-12-2007

My Fair Lady  Ascot Gavotte  13-04-2016
My Fair Lady  Get me to the church on time  21-05-2013
My Fair Lady  I could have danced all night  21-05-2013
My Fair Lady  On the street where you live  19-08-2013
My Fair Lady  With a little bit of luck  21-09-2015
My Fair Lady  Wouldn't it be loverly  10-09-2015

Now you has jazz
On the sunny side of the street
One 20-04-2016

One moment in time 12-10-2016
Pak maar m'n hand 09-09-2018
Pastorale 20-03-2018

Perhaps Love
Phantom of the Opera medley

Phantom of the Opera Titelsong 15-05-2018
Phantom of the Opera All I ask of you 18-01-2019
Phantom of the Opera Angel of music 08-11-2018 
Phantom of the Opera Learn to be lonely 06-10-2018
Phantom of the Opera Masquerade 5-06-2018

Phantom of the Opera Point of no return 27-05-2019
Phantom of the Opera The music of the night 08-11-2018
Phantom of the Opera Think of me 18-01-2019

Phantom of the Opera Wishing you were somehow here again 08-11-2018
Porgy and Bess  medley  01-05-2012

Porgy and Bess  I got plenty o' nuttin'
The Rose
Rolling in the deep  21-05-2013
September  10-07-2009
Seventy six trombones
Sing sing sing  09-01-2015

Singin' in the rain 06-12-2016

Slow down 02-05-2019
The Sound of music  medley  01-06-2006
Surfin' TSC

Sway (Quien Serà) 26-01-2018
Time in a bottle 18-08-2007
True colors 08-05-2017
Top of the world

Va Pensiero - Nabucco tekst + vertaling en uitspraak 17-12-2019
West Side Story  America
West Side Story  I feel pretty
West Side Story  Maria
West Side Story  One hand one heart
West Side Story  Somewhere
West Side Story  Tonight
When I fall in love
When I'm 64
Wicked  1 No one mourns the Wicked  20-07-2014
Wicked  2 Dancing through life  20-07-2014
Wicked  3 One short day  04-06-2014
Wicked  4 Songs of the wizard A sentimental man - Wonderful
Wicked  5 Defying grafity  20-07-2014
Wicked  6 As long as you're mine  04-06-2014
Wicked  7 For good  20-07-2014
Wicked  8 Finale  20-07-2014
With a song in my heart
Yesterday once more
You'll be in my heart 08-05-2017

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